By Stephanie Finkelstein, The Elegant Hostess, Contributing Writer

More on Hostess Gifts: Bringing Food & Wine

Continuing on a theme I’ve been building in my previous two entries, at least this week, I wanted to talk just a little bit more about hostess gifts!

Last week, I mentioned bringing food from a farm stand or local winery. I want to add that when you bring wine, you don’t need to feel pressured to bring the world’s best bottle, or to find something that nobody’s ever heard of. It can be an intimidating process, especially if your hosts have a large wine cellar to choose from. But you’re not trying to add to their wine cellar; you want to bring something that you can drink that night! So don’t worry about what kinds of wine they might already have or what would look stylish for you to bring. Just bring something you like and think they might like, and enjoy it when you pop it open!

You can also consider bringing candies or a treat for your hosts. To27 wrote about East Hampton Edibles’ Butter Brickle last week, and I want to repeat: the stuff’s delicious. I sell it at my store and I can’t keep my employees away from the sample dish! It tastes great, it’s locally made, and it’s the perfect size for a gift; what’s not to love?!

I’ve also found that other candy works too. New in my shop this year are imported Italian candies that look great in a big bowl. We also started carrying caramels that are made in Montana, and they’ve been a hit as well. Prepackaged candies are easy to wrap and present, look nice in a candy bowl, and taste great, making them great hostess gifts!

But don’t take my word for it. Get creative. If you find something local or something novel that you enjoy, chances are, others will too!

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