By Kat Burki, Contributing Writer

Wide Eyed and Lobster Tails

One thing that’s always consistent in the Hampton’s, is the fresh air and fresh food. I always feel healthier in the Hampton’s, and obviously so does the plant life. Everything thrives here like nowhere else I have ever seen, and the fresh food, pulled straight from ocean, numerous farms and gardens make you appreciate how meals should really taste. No wonder some of the best restaurants around are in the Hamptons – they’ve got the goods.

The last three years in the parking lot of Nick and Toni’s, holds the most fabulous trip for the discerning taste bud. Umbrella lined carts of organic produce, baked goods, scallops, lobsters, and other fresh fish. Yes, I said lobsters and scallops, only in the Hampton’s is such delicacy readily available at the local farmers market. Do not forget to pick up the fresh squeezed juices and some bundles of the extra large sunflowers for your table.

An absolute grocery must experience, every Friday’s from 9-1. Nick and Toni’s restaurant parking lot, North Main Street, East Hampton.

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