If you’ve enjoyed polo and Ferrari party photos on To27.com this summer, it’s because of Michelle North. We sat down with the photographer-about-town to find out more about her work.

Q- How were you inspired to become a photographer?

A- My father was a professional photographer, my mother dabbled in photography as a hobby, I think it has always just been in my genes. The first time I picked up a camera and took some shots I sold, I was hooked.

Q- How would you describe your style?

A- Creative, and natural — organic. I try to get images of life as it is happening, not orchestrated. I consider myself a completely candid lifestyle photographer, that kind of sums it all up.

Q- What is a typical Michelle North Photography sitting experience like?

A- Very laid back. I try and get to know my subjects a bit before the shoot so we are all really relaxed and natural around each other. Then I just let life unfold before my lens. It’s amazing, really.

Q- Where do you shoot, do you have a favorite location?

A- I work with my clients to find the most ideal setting for their shoot. I use only natural lighting techniques so it is frequently a beach setting. The Hamptons are full of ideal backdrops, you can’t go wrong if you try.  I also work in New York City and Connecticut. 

Q- What has been the trend this summer?

A- A lot of people are into getting candid images of themselves and their families and friends for their personal or professional websites. There is a huge market for candid photography with the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and To27.com. I have had a lot of fun with that.

Michelle North Photography, north.michelle@gmail.com, 203-952-1917 


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