hcg2-frontelevation_tcm14-203468The Hamptons Green Alliance (HGA) spent much of 2008 searching for a local project to adopt as its green demonstration house. The Bridgehampton, N.Y.-based green home building educational organization wanted to build a net-zero energy, carbon-neutral house to show homeowners in the Hamptons just how well it could be done. So when David and Sandra Dubin’s family home was nearly destroyed by a fire that December, the architects they hired for their rebuilding project saw an opportunity to get in on the green action while helping the family. 

“The goal for me—and I think for everybody on the team—is the learning experience: to learn how to do this the right way without making a profit the priority,” says Richard Stott, AIA, LEED AP, president and founder of Southampton, N.Y.-based Steelbone Design Co. andFlynn Stott Architects and lead architect on the HGA’s pet project.

The market for green-built homes in the Hamptons is very limited, according to Stott, but he believes that is changing. “I’ve been very interested in green building my whole career, but I have always had a difficult time getting anyone to do anything that’s not tried and true or ‘normal,’ or anything different from what the house next door has,” he says. “But I think we’re about to experience a paradigm shift. People are less interested in glamour and excess and are more interested in logic and energy efficiency…

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