The premise of the latest hit medical drama sounds improbable even for television: A doctor who makes house calls. In the Hamptons. Dashing among the hedgerows, dropping in on the rich and sick at one eye-popping estate after another.


But come on. Who makes house calls these days, even on TV? The last such doc who did was Marcus Welby, M.D., and he has been off the air for more than 30 years. So Hank Lawson, the young “concierge doctor” on USA Network’s Royal Pains, is just another Hollywood fantasy, right?

Not exactly.

Meet Ronald Primas, a middle-aged concierge doctor in Manhattan, where the rich and famous dwell and where parking is usually impossible unless you happen to be a “doctor on call” with the official dashboard sign and license plates to prove it.

Primas, 49, tools around town in a luxury Range Rover with a portable EKG machine in the back and a doctor’s bag in the front seat, visiting patients – some of them rich and famous, some of them not – who have figured out that you really can get anything delivered to your door in New York. As long as you’re willing to pay – as little as $200 a house call or more than $600 for routine primary care. Cash on the barrel or credit card.

Primas is convinced Royal Pains (Thursdays, 10 p.m.) is based at least in part on him and his practice…

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