adam-faceWhat’s up, fellow Hamptons partiers? I am writing this with my eyes barely open.


Left at 4 p.m. to go out east. Started out late because I stayed up all night after going to after hours, then had over 20 people over to my apartment which is a studio the size of a shoebox.

Anyways, got to where I was staying at around 7ish. One of my subpromoters has an extra house so I stayed there. It was under renovation though and most of the lights didn’t work but all good, the dimmer the better. Invited over some people to pregame then headed to Dune. As usual, the music was good. I stopped by Lily Pond late night where I met some random guy who was there with like 10 girls and 2 guys from his company who were all staying at his house. My boys, the group and I started partying together at his table and we ended up getting in a limo with him and going to this random dude’s house which turned out to be a sick Mansion. We chilled in his pool which was 90 degrees and huge. We ended up crashing there; a few of the girls were nice enough to let my crew crash with them, word.


Got up at 6 a.m. and none of us knew where we were so we drove back to where we were staying, good thing for GPS! Back to sleep. Sent messages on Facebook and texts then went to Capri for an afternoon brunch. Dope party. Sooooo many bottles being popped in the afternoon (like the Merkato of Hamps). I went to a bbq, then cigar lounge and home to nap and get ready for round two. That night we rolled to Dune where LMFAO performed live, insane night. LMFAO performed their new song “Shots” which was insane. We went to Pink Elephant late night, sick party too. Then went to an after party at my business partner’s friend’s Mansion with some of the bottle girls from one of the clubs and the owner. (Can’t mention which one, sorry). We chilled in the hot tub at the Mansion, then had to leave when my buddy’s friend who owned the house saw one of our guys peeing on his lawn (again won’t mention names).


Woke up at 10 a.m. in a McDonald’s parking lot, don’t know why or how.

Drove home.

Another crazy weekend, only in the Hamptons!!!

Message me and let me know if you had any crazy stories from the weekend or even better post them in the discussion forum so we can all her about all of your crazy weekends.


By To27 Contributor Adam Glove, Founder of

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